At Feldt's salmon factory we produce a wide range of smoked and cured salmon (Gravad lax). We use the highest superior quality Norwegian salmon. We smoke the salmon in an old fashioned way giving it a mouthwatering taste just as if you would have done it at home. Using alder wood for delicate smoke and a smoking time of around 12 to 14 hours (standard is 4 to 6 hours) we end up with a final product which is evenly smoked through and then trimmed to remove fat and dried out exterior (due to smoking).

Our factory, equipped with state of the art material, allows us to produce traditional smoked and gravad salmon, flavored warm smoked, whole or evenly cut, chilled or frozen, we are able to produce a wide range of products.

Through our revolutionary slicing device, we are able to provide equal slices through out the fillet. Usually, it is common to slice a fillet at the same angle and the result is smaler slices towards to tail end.

Our new slicing machine changes angle the closer it gets to the tail end thus enable for more equal sized slices as demonstrated bellow.

We Love Seafood


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