Family business

Lennart Feldt, founder of Feldt's fisk och skaldjur, has worked in the seafood business for over 50 years. Since the creation of the company in 1991, the whole family has been participating in the success story in one way or another, a true family business.

Smögen was originally a herring production center before becoming a large logistic center for landing fresh fish off the boats. Today, however, Smögen is a small summer town conserving a fishing history and tradition.

At first, the main idea was to have a few key products. The success of these products enabled the development of further products and we now offer over 600 different. Despite this large range, Feldt’s is still a family run company with around 50 employees.

Our goal today is to become a leading provider of fish and shellfish in Europe.

The whole process from start to finish is rigorously controlled and inspected. All the way from when the fish is caught onboard our fishing vessels, to the delivery of the final product.

We maintain higher levels of stock to insure that our customers can always be supplied in last minute situations. We only operate in net weight so that our customers know how much fish they are getting for their money. As we are constantly pushing for quality and sustainability, we believe that our customer’s knowledge is crucial. Thus we offer education on our products and operations.

Feldt´s seafood is well known for its high quality and reliability. Constantly adapting to our customers’ needs we aim to become Sweden’s N.1 seafood company and one of the leading suppliers in Europe.

Feldt´s is now developing the export sector and currently has several sister companies in Europe (Norway, Denmark and Holland).

Our key focuses: Quality, ethics and sustainability.

We Love Seafood


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